All about sex toys for men and women

As far as sex is concerned there are many people that get indulge in it with passion as they understand that sex is to enjoy the pleasure that nothing other can give. The pleasure that sex gives is not possible through any other means. Actually people who are interested in sex use to try different methods to enjoy sex. They explore sex each time that is why they are able to have mind blowing sexual experience. People that try different forms of sex use to attain enjoyable climax and they try one after the other to find suitable ways to have splendid sexual experience. This is absolutely true that sex is not just a word but it is an experience and can be enjoyed only by experience. Talking about sex is not useful to experience the pleasure because the person has to get indulged in it.

The difference

Usually people that has sexual partner will enjoy sex with them whenever they get sexual desires. Of course it will be exciting to have sex with the partner whenever possible but what if the sexual partner is not available at the moment to gratify the desire. If the person gets increased arousal and not having the sexual partner at the moment to enjoy sex and gratify the desire then the person will do masturbation. It is well known that masturbation is self gratifying by fondling or stimulating the genitals on own. It will be pleasurable to enjoy masturbation but the fact is that there is a best way to enjoy intense pleasure using masturbation which is using sex toys. There is a difference between masturbating using sex toys and masturbating using bare hands.

Passionate masturbation

Sex toys will give you passionate masturbation for different reasons. Actually the greater part of masturbation is not just fondling or stimulating the genitals but imagination. It is the imagination that fuels masturbation to reach pleasurable climax. So, by using sex toys the person can have mind blowing climax because the sex toys resemble genitals. The most used male sex toy is called masturbator which is alike pussy and the most preferred female sex toys is dildo that is alike penis.


Now imagine how enjoyable it will be to play with the genitals using sex toys. Men use masturbator for masturbation as they insert their penis in to it and will shake it with whatever strokes they like to. They can have masturbation any number of times as it will not hurt the penis since it is made up of soft rubber and the upper layer is made up of super skin to ensure that the user feels like as if having intercourse with real pussy. Mature women before milf sex love to use this toy. It eases them into sex. That makes the difference between masturbating with bare hands and sex toys. The masturbator with vibrator will be interesting that the toy will vibrate to give extra pleasure to the person. Moreover due to the modern technologies men can enjoy sex dolls that resemble like girl.


One of the most preferred women sex toy is dildo which resembles the penis. Different types of dildo are available from different brands in different sizes. Check online to know more about the size and other details if you are planning to buy it. Dildo is used like penis and many women use it to enjoy blow job and intercourse. There are lubes available to use this but many women love to have it raw inside as they lube when they get arousal for sex.

Dildo for lesbian couples

One of the most important facts about dildo is that a variant of dildo that comes with belt attachment is used by lesbian people that one will buckle it around the waist to have the dildo like men having penis and will have intercourse with the partner. Many lesbian people love to do it. Another version of dildo is vibrator which is alike dildo but it is used to massage clitoris and G spot and also vagina walls and this is used to increase the pleasure.

Smart sex toys

Connected with smart phone app, couple uses this to masturbate for each other and the sex toy is operated using smart phone. Each will operate the sex toy of the other for mutual masturbation that increases the pleasure for intense climax.

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