Give a try for different sex positions to enjoy mind blowing sex

No person is exceptional to experience the pleasure of sex. Most of the people may not talk much about it but they like to experience sex. Many people use to be introverts when it comes to sex and they don’t even talk about sex with the partner. We don’t know how many people talk with their partner during sex because talking and complimenting each other during sex will increase the pleasure for sure. People generally take no steps or initiatives to enjoy pleasurable sex with their life partner or sexual partner. Since sex is an experience and a pleasure that can be enjoyed only through experimenting there is nothing wrong in talking about sex with partner.

Speak and try different methods

Actually sex is an experience that can be enjoyable only if there is mutual cooperation. Each person, both men and women should share their sexual interest with their partner so that they can co-operate each other for pleasurable sex. Since people feel shy to talk about sex to their life partner they don’t know each other whether they get satisfied sex by one another. Rather than being an introvert regarding sex and sexual interests with the partner it is best to open and share. Some time women use to be much inexpressive regarding sex so men should give them freeness to talk or share or they can try finding their sexual interests by trying different methods. Internet is one of the sources to find some legit sex techniques that you can try to have steamy and intense pleasurable sex though both of you are introvert.

Try interesting positions

It does not matter if you are not okay to talk about sex with your partner but you can try different sex positions to spruce up your sexual life. If you are looking to get her partner and yourself the best sex then you should try different sex positions. Most of the people stick with only one position or may be more than one but there are different sex positions to try to get most enjoyable climax. People that try missionary position could enjoy best sex undoubtedly but the fact is that if the same position is used for long time then it will be boring. This is the major reason that many people to lose interest in sex and they have average sex life. Let’s check some of the best sex positions.

Try doggy

Doggystyle is the best sex position to enjoy prolonged pleasure because of the grip. In this position he enters her from back grabbing her waist with his hands and pounds her. She will also love this as she can get exciting intercourse that takes more time for him to cum. This position can be in any place of your house or room that she can kneel down in the floor or on bed or she can lean on wall bending and yielding her butt for him. It will be awesome for sure.

The 69

Wow!!! This is one of the best sex positions to enjoy and it is absolutely to enjoy oral sex. As you enjoy the oral sex more to have intense climax and planning to give her orgasm, try this. Either she will be on you or you can be on her. She will give you blow job simultaneously you will enjoy cunnilingus. Both of you satisfies each other to acquire the most enjoyable climax. This position will increase the intense and you can enjoy the best intercourse in any of your favorite position after this oral sex.

Cow girl

Most of the ladies love this position since it gives them confidence as they drive their partner towards climax. In this position she comes on top of you and rides you with her enjoyable strokes. It will be most enjoyable as you both can get eye contact on each other which will increase the pleasure. As she rides you, you can enjoy her boobs if you could reach her boobs. Yes as she rides you with pounding strokes her boobs will jiggle and you will love it. Some women go deeper in this position as they buckle the hands of the partner with cot or something and will enjoy teasing and having exciting intercourse. The pleasure will be ecstatic if both of you kiss and lick each other as she rides you.

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